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R&D Engineer - System & Software Technologies

Location: Milpitas, CA, United States 
Req ID: JR-0000028068


We have an opening in the System and Software Technologies Department of Western Digital Research.  The main research themes of the group are algorithms for distributed computing/storage systems (erasure coding, consensus protocols, distributed hash tables), storage stack (Linux kernel, file systems, user space storage stack), information theory (data representation, error correction codes/erasure codes, security/cryptography), machine intelligence (artificial intelligence, machine learning).
Ideal candidate would work on conceiving, prototyping and guiding development of new storage and computing related projects and ideas, as well as writing invention disclosures, open source contributions and academic publications
Western Digital is a leader in the storage industry with products spanning USB Flash Drives to Home NAS, to Enterprise Storage Devices (HDD/SSD), to Persistent Memory, to Storage Systems and Solutions.  Western Digital’s Research division is chartered with exploring new technological frontiers.   The Research team explores new technologies in a broad spectrum of areas ranging from Emerging Non-Volatile Memory (a.k.a Persistent Memory) device design and processes, low-latency system designs, distributed systems, consensus protocols, erasure coding, data structures and algorithms, mechanical systems, thermal modeling, interface protocols and standards, device  drivers, open source, linux kernel, new programing models, client system design, data  analytics, machine learning.
A PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering or a related field or a Masters in one of the above fields with 5+ years of experience or a Bachelor degree with 9+ years of experience.  Experience with Open Source software,  Enterprise software and/or Embedded Software development strongly desired.