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Principal Engineer, Software Development Engineering

This job posting is no longer active

Location: Shenzhen, 44, China 
Req ID: JR-0000037030


1. Develop software and program for automation machine based on user input    负责自动化机器的软件开发2. Innovate new algorithms, processes, and systems that address dynamic business needs (improve yields / output, expand capabilities)    优化程序算法和自动化流程,提高自动化产线生产量3. Support the transition of tester technology from development to mass production through qualification and training hand-off processes  为自动化机器从研发到量产的过度设计审核评估程序4. Support customer (factory) requests for previous and current generation platforms  根据客户的需求,从软件方面改进现役自动化机器功能5. Provide on-site development, debugging, and validation when necessary  根据工作需求,到现场(供应商处或客户处)开发,调试或验证自动化机器的软件程序6. Collaborate with multi-national and multi-cultural teams     根据公司生产需要,与美国,日本或菲律宾等多国工程师合作开发自动化机器