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Technician 3, Engineering

This job posting is no longer active

Location: Fremont, CA, United States 
Req ID: JR-0000039145


Help run the following Metrology tools in the FIB area: Certus, FEI 8xx, AFM, MPG, ZYGO, WYKO, Hitachi CDSEM, Verity SEM and the Nano/OCD tools.

Work on recipes for Certus tools.

a. when the global alignment fails

b. when the sites fail to cut because the recipe drives to the wrong location

c. when the cut placement ABS is off or out of spec.

d. when the SEM images are blurry

Help run the Post Qualification wafers on the FIB Metrology tools and follow the correct procedures in case of SPC violations.

Change the FIB MAG sites when there is any SPC warning on the Five Grid data.

Help run the R&D wafers on the CERTUS TOOLS especially those with cut placement issues.

Fix the SEM focus/stigmation on CERTUS images and save the process correction map (PCM).

Send e-mails to engineers about the image defects seen on the Certus SEM images for a particular wafer and also sending the results after re-cutting on CERTUS. Send e-mails too regarding the wafers on hold for the engineers due to image defects.


Help train the other DMTs within the FIB group.

a. Minor trouble-shooting

b. New tool for the DMT

c. Choosing new or redo sites on Certus tools

d. Image Inspection


Trouble-shooting or repairs on the Metrology tools:

a. When software freezes

b. Vacuum problems on Certus tools

c. No Ion beam or SEM image on Certus tools

d. No emission current on the Certus and the FEI 8xx tools

e. Loading/unloading problems on AFM, Certus, ZYGO, Verity and FEI 8xx tools

f.  When there is tip or stage error problem on the AFM tools

g. When there is a need to change the AFM tip and replacement of tip cassette is necessary

h. When the program does not respond/start on the AFM tools.


Check that all the Working Standard wafers are run according to schedule and that the data are transferred to the SPC charts. Inform IT or responsible engineers about any data transfer failure or issue.

Send e-mails when there are operations or products not listed in the recipe table and when the # of sites on the recipe do not conform with the one listed on the recipe table.

Send e-mails to the process engineers or call IT when the data from the production wafers fail to transfer to SAT. or to the EDC Image and Data Viewer.


Send e-mails to responsible parties regarding the

a. change in cell location or module of certain operations

b. addition/deletion of entities for certain FIB operations

c. addition of some FIB operations to the FIB Wipper page


Support the tool correlations or tool matching and send data to the Metrology engineers.

Assist the DMTs when there are feedbacks from the engineers about wrong measurements, wrong data entry or wrong AFM analysis. Help train the DMTs on doing correct analysis and measurements.  Re-measure the images, if possible and make sue that data are entered correctly (if manual data entry is used).

Inform the Metrology engineers and the vendors about tool issues. Work with them by providing detailed descriptions of the problems and at which point in the process do they occur.


"In-depth knowledge of IT-related application/software such as MITECS, GS3, EDCSPC, SPC chart, Fabtime, Dashboard, etc.”

Help DMTs in dispositioning the wafers when the images are questionable or have unknown defects.

Send e-mails to engineers when the wafers are on hold for them and make follow-ups.

Give detailed passdown to the next shift.

Help run on the FEI 8xx tools the wafers with special instructions from the engineers and show the FEi DMTs how to process them.



Knowing what the primary and the back-up tools are for specific operations in the FIB area.

Strategize to distribute workload among all tools to achieve high tool efficiency.

Double-check why the wafer gets a SPC violation and check the images. Example; the sites might have already been previously cut, producing wrong measurements and resulting to SPC warning/s.

Giving comments/reasons why wafers are put on hold.  Additional comments to help the engineers dispo the wafers that are on hold for them are preferred.

Taking the time to investigate why there is a recipe failure or why the wafer fails to process continuously.  Check all the resources - Metrology SPECs, recipe tables. and the status of the tool used. These are the possible reasons: recipe might be wrong, tool is not qualified for that operation, operation and product are not qualified to run on that tool,  and the tool has problem.



Understanding what the functions are of the Ion and the SEM beams on the Certus and the FEI 8xx tools.

Being able to run the SEM tools and constantly check the quality of the SEM images.

Understanding the cause of wafer-processing failure:  is it tool-related or wafer-related? Example: are the bad AFM scans caused by the AFM tip or the wafer itself is abnormal?

Understanding what the effects are of bad AFM tips and knowing when to change the tips even though he AFM scans appear to be normal.

Understanding why there are no Ion beam or SEM images on the Certus and the FEI 8xx tools.

Reporting of tool issues to Metrology engineer, FEI FSE, or higher-level FIB Tech.


5+ years of experience in FIB

"Inspire innovation, Manage change and uncertainty, Promote teamwork and engagement,

Drive for results and execution"


Core Values

--Think Big

Demonstrate innovative and creative thinking

Positively influences other when faced with change and challenge

--Make it happen

Demonstrate energy and commitment, even in the face of significant challenges

Take personal responsibility to resolve issue and face challenges with positive attitude

--Do it together

-Adapts interaction style to work effectively with others

-Actively works for ways to build strong working partnership with other

Quality agent in the line

Role model

Maintain composure