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Senior Embedded FW Engineer

Location: Tefen, IL, Israel 
Req ID: JR-0000043178


WD is one of the biggest companies that drive RISC-V to the ecosystem. One of WD targets is to replace WD cores, with RISC-V cores.
RISC-V is a new IP concept, for development of new CPUs, based on the concept of “open source community” with free ISA.
As for that we are building a FW team for developing and leading a change in our infrastructure tools. 
The FW engineer targets will be around RISC-V infrastructure, developing FW and tool-chain, along with BSP/PSP development.
All work will be cooperated, and synchronized, with other team members along with other companies, outside of WD.

Infrastructure development, involves working in assembly environment and working closely with industrial tool-chains. 

Working closely to the work-plan
Deep research for existing tools
Writing and modifying tool-chains (compiler/linker FE and BE)
Integrate and bring-up RTOS’s to different platforms
Debugging and writing in ASM language 
Bachelor’s degree in EE/Computer Science
Minimum 8-10 years’ of recent experience in tool-chains/BSP/PSP and low level embedded FW.
Experience in embedded RTOS
Experience with tool chains and build system concepts
Knows how to work with GCC/LLVM – develop and modify it, based on requirements.
Familiar with developing in Linux and windows environment.
Previous  experience  in working closely to HW-MCUs/CPUs
Previous experience in development in LLVM and clang
Linux Debian environment. 
Experience with GNU LD (linker scripts) 
Familiar with ELF spec
Familiar with DWARF information and/or GDB specs (debugger)
Experience in JAVA 
Working in a team
Open minded to “brain storming” 
Share knowledge and willing to work together
System view – ability to look forwarder in advance for issues that hard to see in the short term 
Strong active listening skills with the ability to ask thoughtful and probing questions to determine the best suite/robust solutions.
High motivated with ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced, team environment