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Principal Engineer, Industrial Engineering

Location: Petaling Jaya, 10, Malaysia 
Req ID: JR-0000042459


Location: Petaling Jaya WDM P2
Req ID: JR-0000042459
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  • ASCM Team (Support IE Capacity Projects) :
    L-W & L-H
    Plan Result
    Assist in advising/supporting business team on weekly BC(Build Commit) process via ASCM system modules/teams.
    Business & System Process (L1-L3)
    Support & execute strategic direction for system governance & compliance to established business flow (including improvements & alignments)
    System Solution (Issue/ Change/ New)
    • Issue: Prioritizing and advise ASCM IT to respond, analyze, resolve system issue, validate result, and apply fix/migration
    • New/Change: Review, assess risk/necessity, support implementation of new request, procedures and standards; initiatives for process improvements/system enhancement, against budget and resource constraints
    Asia HDD Integrated Solutions – ASCM/Centralized Planning
    Solution Architect (AS IS/TO BE/LIVE)
    • For ASCM solution related matters, to participate, review, implement & sustain systems • Support ASCM CRP/UAT/SIT/training (coach/roadshow/AN100/Guidance)
    Governance & Change Request Review (RFC/POST LIVE)
    • For SOPR/RFC in progress, as solution custodian to advise/review approval of common logic(e.g.SQ/L1) change, ensure system stability/efficiency(input/logic/output/interoperability) across business domain/level/regional
    Centralized Planning
    Centralized AS IS
    i2 POC / TO BE
    i2 full implementation cycle.
    Asia HDD HPU Automation Project:
    HPU – Process/Logic Alignment
    HPU – Input/Output
    HPU – DGR (align L-H)
    HPU – Master Logic & POC
    HPU – KL/BPI/PRB/Integration
    ADM Lead:
    Comply & Execute “SC Executive Directive”, Pass Governance Directives, advocates continuous improvements to master data quality holistically and should not be bound by existing or past business roles within a specific business unit or data domain
    • Assume ownership of master data processes/Identify Information Custodians for various business units & Nominate Data Quality Lead/Assign ownership of key master data elements to Information Custodians/Formulate policies/documentation for master data creation processes (if required), and respond to comply/review RFC alignment.
    • Monitor & communicate with upstream-supply of ASCM data source to ensure data sustainability/response to SOPR (e.g. US NSD Supply tea., NPL/DNA system team, MITECS team, Oracles team, Asia Doc Control team, etc)
    • Delegating activities/tasks to ADM Stewardship Committee (upon SC request) to support various governance activities (follow procedures, support new initiatives, etc)
    • Regularly review Business/Technical data health status via meeting/dashboard & follow-up action plan.
  • Degree in Electrical & Electronic or Industrial Engineering with 6-8 years of experience in related field.
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